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Timeless Cafe and Bistro.

Discover great dining in Waterloo, Ontario.

Timeless Café and Bistro resides in North Waterloo, inside of a restored, original henhouse of an old century farm. It’s Waterloo’s ‘hidden-gem’ – a restaurant that incorporates both a café and a bistro atmosphere, making the ultimate experience for either business lunches, intimate dinners or a just a quick, fresh coffee. Originally Timeless Café and Bakery, Timeless Café and Bistro was expanding their menu with a focus on Bistro dishes, and was in need of marketing materials that supported this expansion.
Timeless Cafe and Bistro Work

Logo Design, Website Design, Video & Photography, Training.

Project Details

Client: Timeless Cafe and Bistro

Project Details

Nine Point Nine Group’s creative team collaborated to develop a new logo, a website, and video and photography for the expansion of the restaurant. The content management team supplied social media training, updates and website training for the client.

WEBSITE DESIGN Timeless Café and Bistro wanted to stay consistent with their company representation, and to not lose focus their business as a café and bakery. The website design was a full overhaul of their previous website, including a domain name change. Content was also created by our Nine Point Nine Group team throughout the website, including a launch with three relevant blog posts.

LOGO DESIGN The creative team collaborated and designed the Timeless Café and Bistro logo. With the restaurant residing in an old hen house, it was essential that we incorporated a rooster into the logo, and of course, a fork. Using a delicate font, we strived to represent the impressive quality of the restaurants food and atmosphere.

VIDEO & PHOTOGRAPHY Nine Point Nine Group provided breathtaking photography and videography for Timeless Café and Bistro. To capture the restaurant experience through multimedia, they took photos of the dishes, the employees, events and the interior and exterior of the building. The video is implemented on their website to project the overall atmosphere of Timeless Café and Bistro and entice locals to visit.

SOCIAL MEDIA & WEBSITE TRAINING Our content and creative team traveled on-site to ensure our client had a clear understanding of how to complete website updates with hands-on training. Although website updates are a service Nine Point Nine Group offers, the client is required to complete daily updates and preferred to do it in-house. Our content team also provided the client with tips and best practices for successful social media, updates on their social media growth by request, recommendations for social media platforms, social campaign ideas, and employee training on social media use, as well as an employee survey to determine social media interest.
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