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Beyond telecom.

NEWT is a company that provides business with business phone systems, business Internet and managed PBX. They strive on saving businesses money when it comes to telecommunications services. They are the business division of Fibernetics. Nine Point Nine Group was brought on to develop their new logo and branding, as well as their website, print materials, sales materials and videography.

Branding, Website Design, Logo Design, Stationary, Print Materials, Video Testimonials.

Project Details

Client: NEWT

Project Details

Nine Point Nine Group assisted with the branding of NEWT, developing their logo and their website to represent their company seamlessly. The creative gurus developed all their print materials and sales materials, as well as a testimonials video to be implemented on their website.

BRANDING Nine Point Nine Group developed the branding for NEWT. An original name for a company in the telecom industry, the creative team at Nine Point Nine Group wanted to embrace it, all while portraying NEWT as a professional company.

WEBSITE DESIGN The website for NEWT was created by the Nine Point Nine Group team. Ensuring that the website provided a user-friendly experience, all while providing visitors the extensive information they need.

LOGO DESIGN A simple and clean font, the bright green to represent the newt, and of course, a small newt incorporated within the font to complete the logo. The Nine Point Nine Group team invented this logo to represent the NEWT brand.

PRINT MATERIALS Nine Point Nine Group took on all of NEWT's print materials, including their printed sales materials, promotional print materials and a stationary template to use for all necessary content.

VIDEOGRAPHY Our multimedia team provided NEWT with a testimonials video to implement on their website to display to potential clients of their successes.
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