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Kids Wifi

Safe Internet for kids.

KidsWifi is an Internet safety device that provides parents with an alternative for kids who enjoy using the Internet. This device includes a network with built-in firewalls, blocked inappropriate content, and a set bedtime for an automatic disconnect, making monitoring kids Internet usage much easier. The KidsWifi product was made by parents, for parents to protect kids from the exposure of inappropriate Internet content.
Results of our work

175 hours of working time

Project Details

Client: Kids Wifi

Project Details

Nine Point Nine Group was brought on to assist in the launch of KidsWifi by creating a new logo, eye-catching photography, packaging and other marketing materials. The team also assisted with internal branding and content development.

BRANDING The Nine Point Nine Group creative team assisted in the development of external branding. The team determined the attractive, “simple and clean” characteristic, all while including the original playfulness of the brand to attract both parents and kids. We ensured that this characteristic ran parallel to all marketing materials, such as logo design and content development.

LOGO DESIGN The logo was a perfect representation of the brands image. With the focus on the word “kiwi,” a unique spin on the word “Wi-Fi,” the creative team invented a logo that incorporated bright colours with simplicity. It was then topped off with a sideways kiwi fruit and the nearly hidden shape of a child between the “k” in “kids” and the “w” in “wifi” – making this logo truly one-of-a-kind.

CONTENT DEVELOPMENT The content development team of Nine Point Nine Group provided KidsWifi content editing, revisions and unique content for an introductory e-mail campaign for Beta users and a two-page sales document.

PACKAGING KidsWifi was in need of packaging design for their device. The Nine Point Nine Group creative experts took this on and created a simple and clean package design that integrates perfectly with the KidsWifi brand. Not to mention the sleek design compliments any home!

PHOTOGRAPHY With the redesign of the KidsWifi packaging, our multimedia team provided KidsWifi with beautiful shots of their new product. These photos have been used throughout all their marketing materials.

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