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Branding, Website Design, Logo Design, Character Development/Illustration, Promotional Materials

When tech company meets staffing company, GeekStaff is a group of dedicated user-friendly IT specialists ready for any Canada wide placement. With a competitive pricing model, GeekStaff use their incredible pricing to attract the best candidates. They were in need of rebranding, a new website and logo, and promotional materials for a tradeshow.

User-friendly IT Specialists.

Project Details

Client: GeekStaff

Project Details

Nine Point Nine Group was hired by GeekStaff in order to develop a strategy regarding their branding. The creative team at Nine Point Nine Group implemented their new brand across all their channels, including a new website, logo, slogan and promotional tradeshow materials. The team also worked one-on-one with illustration specialists to ensure their vision of the brand was met.

BRANDING/SLOGAN Nine Point Nine Group worked closely with GeekStaff to determine their branding strategy. Keeping their company objectives and mission in mind, the creative team at Nine Point Nine Group built a strategy which fit in line with GeekStaff, and applied it throughout their marketing materials. The creative team also developed a slogan, "User-Friendly IT Professionals."

WEBSITE DESIGN Our website design specialists developed a user-friendly website with a simple, yet unique layout with GeekStaff's new branding strategy in mind.

LOGO DESIGN/CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT Nine Point Nine Group designed a logo for GeekStaff. The creative team provided the client with multiple concepts and worked closely with an illustration specialist to develop artwork throughout their website and in their logo. The unique art style brought a friendliness aspect to the brand and represented the company seamlessly.

PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS The creative specialists at Nine Point Nine Group designed a trade show booth concept for GeekStaff at events.

Slogan Development

Nine Point Nine Group are the masters at re-branding and branding strategies. This includes logo design and slogan development, ensuring your company is represented effectively and within your company values.

Tradeshow Booths

Our team of awesome creative individuals are great at collaborating and inventing unreal trade show booth designs and promotional print materials for events.

Illustrations/Character Development

Our team knows the best in the business. These creative illustrators will blow your mind when it comes to unique artwork that can be implemented into your branding strategy.
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