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Packaging and Logo produced by Nine Point Nine Group. 

KidsWiFi Launches With Branding By Nine Point Nine Group

Nine Point Nine Group collaborates with a forward-thinking company developed with kids in mind, KidsWifi. Their new invention takes kids Internet safety to a whole new level – giving parents or guardians an easy solution when it comes to protecting young individuals from harmful content online.

Nine Point Nine Group was ecstatic to support Internet safety for kids and work directly with KidsWifi to produce a seamless branding strategy. The creative team assisted in the following areas to launch this awesome invention.

  • Branding
  • Packaging Design
  • Logo
  • Photography
  • Content Revision for E-mail Campaigns

We’re diving deep into the minds behind the madness when it comes to exceptional branding strategies – the creative team at Nine Point Nine Group. Here you will read start to finish how they determine a branding strategy for an Internet KidsWifi

Due to KidsWifi just entering the market, the company was in need of a branding strategy to implement across all marketing materials. Starting from the ground up and keeping their company values and goals top of mind, the Nine Point Nine Group team determined their branding strategy. Simple, clean and bright – the perfect combination to attract parents who are on the hunt for a new Internet safety product and kids for the bright packaging and logo. Other competitor products are much more complicated and have extensive installation instructions, and because of that, KidsWifi was adamant on displaying the simplicity of the product.  The simplicity provides potential users with clear understanding of the company vision. To provide kids with safe, Internet – no strings attached, no fluff. After all, they include in their content that the product was made by parents, for parents. It was significant that this was portrayed throughout their branding.

The determination

Before the creative team at Nine Point Nine Group collaborates, they determine the companies values, vision and mission by working one-on-one with the client. The team may ask multiple questions if the client needs to dig deeper in order to find their vision for their brand.

The development

With the information gathered from the client, the creative team spends time in the board room to invent a branding strategy – keeping the clients vision front of mind. Not only is this strategy visual, but it also pertains to the voice of your brand. If discussed, the creative team can also can build a brand strategy that includes a brand voice by writing new or revised content throughout the company website and social platforms. That way, the client is representing their brand in the most effective way possible, ensuring that all their online presence is completely optimized with their new brand strategy.

The execution

Once the creative team has a structured branding plan for the client, the magic starts happening. Our website design specialists, content development team and brand strategists combine their talents and formulate the ultimate brand strategy by executing the determined plan throughout your online presence. We provide concepts to ensure the client is on board before implementation. We offer website navigation training, troubleshooting or content revisions if applicable in the future.

A quote from the client: 

“The branding process with Nine Point Nine Group had just the right mix of responsiveness and push-back, arriving at designs that captured what we wanted while saving us from mistakes. For KidsWifi, it’s key our brand communicates both playfulness and trustworthiness. Nine Point Nine did a great job of integrating both coherently.”  – Kris Braun, Co-Founder of KidsWifi

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